Frankness, sincerity or truth.

Frankness, sincerity or truth.

Frankness is about recognizing that center of you, which is infinite in love and purity. It is your sincere expression of who you really are.

In the heart of the evolved and pure being, truth resides.

Where does openness begin?

Sincerity is knowing that what you really are, is purity and unlimited expression of your heart. This is the voice and power of your higher self, of your soul. This is how openness or sincerity begins, it is in your heart expressing your true qualities and living from them and through them.

When you live with openness or truth, everything is real, illusions dissolve and the veil is no longer a veil. Instead, it becomes a portal of connection and experience of oneness, of true existence. 

Truth or openness then becomes a state of being and doing, and that doing is effortless. It is easy, it is pleasant, it is generous.

When lived through openness, relationships become a communion of two beings highlighting their realities, and the inner power of each.


Sincerity is a magnet for greatness of being, to attract greatness of being or to lead you to live your fullest potential. It is like a stone or crystal, through which reality is seen and experienced more clearly and in a more meaningful way.

Truthfulness is reconnection, first with your true self and then in relating to everything else, to others or to the whole.

Truthfulness is aligning yourself with the qualities of your pure self and only in that way will you be able to experience the truth, in every interaction, in every reality, in every expression and potential that you express.

By living in alignment with your truth you experience freedom and peace in your living. This sense of freedom allows you in your inner power by bringing to life your greatest treasure, your true self.

True existence is lived through the mind and the heart, and also through the body. The mind commands with its thoughts and the heart acts with its love and infinite truth.

The body is where life is experienced. Remember that your heart is the engine of what you manifest since it has access to the Divine.

“Truth itself can only be reached within oneself through the deepest meditation and awareness.”

Spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening

It is the journey within to reconnect with who you really are. It is that bonding with your inner self; it is the acknowledgment of the qualities of your heart and to live through them and for the good and happiness of all.

It is about knowing that your true power is driven through your heart.

How do you connect or live through the power and wisdom of your heart?

by choosing, First, with clarity your goals of elevation—of expansion—into a higher, wiser self or human. Second, by acknowledging your duality and expressing it, not as a shadow (negative aspect) but rather as a shade of light that enhances your personal id. Spend time in stillness through meditation, breathing in silence, in contemplation, in the connection with yourself. And, when in that space and state of peace within, know that that frequency and feeling are your true essence. 

It is intrinsic to your nature, and you can reconnect with that frequency and potential of your being anytime.

It is you. It´s always there, but you choose to rejoice in it and live from there.

True wisdom comes from the inner being, from that state of grace that leads you to fulfillment without failure since it is in alignment with the source that is all and lives within you.

Spiritual awakening is taking all in your favor, understanding that all, even the challenges are working for you, and contributing to your evolution, learning and integration so you can elevate yourself to a higher state of being, a state of freedom from within and connection with all.

It consists in knowing the power of your heart to take you closer to the freedom of existence, to happiness and wholeness.

“Your ♡ , your mother, your teacher, your vessel, your source of happiness.”

Lorena Godoy.

Comfort of the heart

Comfort of the heart

Comfort of the heart is that feeling of wholeness for no reason, first for existing and being in each present moment, and it is no effort, just your presence as an open vessel for love, grace and bliss.

Feel it, feel it → recognize it as a feeling of infinite joy and love that makes you feel in complete peace. 

Come back to the present moment; stay there so you can rejoice in the grace of the divine that can be experienced in the space of your heart.

Your heart dwells in the magnificence of life itself as a frequency of infinite love and desire to give, to be whole and purposeful in your existing.

Life is easy when lived through your heart.

Your heart is the house of the wise master where all the answers are found.


Regularly connect with your inner self with the intention of cultivating love and peace, easiness and wholeness. Breathe in there—in that space of yours that is stillness and freedom. Freedom for doing.

Being is an art, and art needs to be sculpted and polished so it can express and represent the beauty and greatness of its potential as expression of creativity.

  • What piece of art do you want to create and share with the world?
  • What frequency do you want your art to spread and transmit to the eye and heart of the viewer?

I leave you with these reflections for you to be your own observer, master and receiver. 

Existence is an art and that art needs to be sculpted and polished so that you can express it. It represents the beauty and grandeur of your potential as an expression of creativity.

I leave you with these wise reflections so that you can be your own observer, teacher and receiver at the same time.

Easiness of being

Easiness of being

Enjoy each breath as a portal to your easiness and happiness. The power of a conscious inhalation restores balance and order in any part of your being, brings peace and awakens your subtle body.

As you breathe, take in the energy of expression of creation to your inner being and install it in every cell, in every tissue and in every system of your body.

The acknowledgment of your body is as relevant as the divine aspect (nature) of yourself.

Breathing is life and life is for all.

Life is all and all is within you.

You are all and all is you

The entanglement of life is eternal and infinite.

All is in constant movement, the movement that gives life to each now as the present reality of existence. Please move from now to now with easiness, and your living will be pleasurable, harmonious and evolutive.

Your evolution and ascension are your shifting from now to the next now with abandon and flow. 

Ascension of your being takes place as you integrate the experience of each now and move to the next without expectations and with your heart open and mind awakened by the truth of your own heartfelt desires.