It is the journey within to reconnect with who you really are. It is that bonding with your inner self; it is the acknowledgment of the qualities of your heart and to live through them and for the good and happiness of all.

It is about knowing that your true power is driven through your heart.

How do you connect or live through the power and wisdom of your heart?

by choosing, First, with clarity your goals of elevation—of expansion—into a higher, wiser self or human. Second, by acknowledging your duality and expressing it, not as a shadow (negative aspect) but rather as a shade of light that enhances your personal id. Spend time in stillness through meditation, breathing in silence, in contemplation, in the connection with yourself. And, when in that space and state of peace within, know that that frequency and feeling are your true essence. 

It is intrinsic to your nature, and you can reconnect with that frequency and potential of your being anytime.

It is you. It´s always there, but you choose to rejoice in it and live from there.

True wisdom comes from the inner being, from that state of grace that leads you to fulfillment without failure since it is in alignment with the source that is all and lives within you.

Spiritual awakening is taking all in your favor, understanding that all, even the challenges are working for you, and contributing to your evolution, learning and integration so you can elevate yourself to a higher state of being, a state of freedom from within and connection with all.

It consists in knowing the power of your heart to take you closer to the freedom of existence, to happiness and wholeness.

“Your ♡ , your mother, your teacher, your vessel, your source of happiness.”

Lorena Godoy.