Frankness is about recognizing that center of you, which is infinite in love and purity. It is your sincere expression of who you really are.

In the heart of the evolved and pure being, truth resides.

Where does openness begin?

Sincerity is knowing that what you really are, is purity and unlimited expression of your heart. This is the voice and power of your higher self, of your soul. This is how openness or sincerity begins, it is in your heart expressing your true qualities and living from them and through them.

When you live with openness or truth, everything is real, illusions dissolve and the veil is no longer a veil. Instead, it becomes a portal of connection and experience of oneness, of true existence. 

Truth or openness then becomes a state of being and doing, and that doing is effortless. It is easy, it is pleasant, it is generous.

When lived through openness, relationships become a communion of two beings highlighting their realities, and the inner power of each.


Sincerity is a magnet for greatness of being, to attract greatness of being or to lead you to live your fullest potential. It is like a stone or crystal, through which reality is seen and experienced more clearly and in a more meaningful way.

Truthfulness is reconnection, first with your true self and then in relating to everything else, to others or to the whole.

Truthfulness is aligning yourself with the qualities of your pure self and only in that way will you be able to experience the truth, in every interaction, in every reality, in every expression and potential that you express.

By living in alignment with your truth you experience freedom and peace in your living. This sense of freedom allows you in your inner power by bringing to life your greatest treasure, your true self.

True existence is lived through the mind and the heart, and also through the body. The mind commands with its thoughts and the heart acts with its love and infinite truth.

The body is where life is experienced. Remember that your heart is the engine of what you manifest since it has access to the Divine.

“Truth itself can only be reached within oneself through the deepest meditation and awareness.”