Enjoy each breath as a portal to your easiness and happiness. The power of a conscious inhalation restores balance and order in any part of your being, brings peace and awakens your subtle body.

As you breathe, take in the energy of expression of creation to your inner being and install it in every cell, in every tissue and in every system of your body.

The acknowledgment of your body is as relevant as the divine aspect (nature) of yourself.

Breathing is life and life is for all.

Life is all and all is within you.

You are all and all is you

The entanglement of life is eternal and infinite.

All is in constant movement, the movement that gives life to each now as the present reality of existence. Please move from now to now with easiness, and your living will be pleasurable, harmonious and evolutive.

Your evolution and ascension are your shifting from now to the next now with abandon and flow. 

Ascension of your being takes place as you integrate the experience of each now and move to the next without expectations and with your heart open and mind awakened by the truth of your own heartfelt desires.