Comfort of the heart is that feeling of wholeness for no reason, first for existing and being in each present moment, and it is no effort, just your presence as an open vessel for love, grace and bliss.

Feel it, feel it → recognize it as a feeling of infinite joy and love that makes you feel in complete peace. 

Come back to the present moment; stay there so you can rejoice in the grace of the divine that can be experienced in the space of your heart.

Your heart dwells in the magnificence of life itself as a frequency of infinite love and desire to give, to be whole and purposeful in your existing.

Life is easy when lived through your heart.

Your heart is the house of the wise master where all the answers are found.


Regularly connect with your inner self with the intention of cultivating love and peace, easiness and wholeness. Breathe in there—in that space of yours that is stillness and freedom. Freedom for doing.

Being is an art, and art needs to be sculpted and polished so it can express and represent the beauty and greatness of its potential as expression of creativity.

  • What piece of art do you want to create and share with the world?
  • What frequency do you want your art to spread and transmit to the eye and heart of the viewer?

I leave you with these reflections for you to be your own observer, master and receiver. 

Existence is an art and that art needs to be sculpted and polished so that you can express it. It represents the beauty and grandeur of your potential as an expression of creativity.

I leave you with these wise reflections so that you can be your own observer, teacher and receiver at the same time.